UNIweek Den Haag

The legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in the Netherlands is 18 years. Drinking below the age of 18 is punishable. During the UNIweek2019 various measures have been taken to prevent alcohol consumption under the age of 18:
1: Wristbands – Different colors of wristbands will be used for minors and adults. This distinction is clearly visible in the dark and in a glance it is clear whether or not a UNIweek2019 participant is allowed to drink alcohol.
2: Communication – Attention will be paid to the alcohol ban and the NIX18 (‘nothing under 18’) campaign in various means of communication. Also, volunteers who participate in the UNIweek2019 program will be well informed about the alcohol policy. For example, the people behind the bar are clearly instructed about the wristbands, but also about dealing with people who have drunk too much.
3: UNI-leader – De UNI-leaders will be well instructed during the UNIweek Den Haag leader training prior to the UNIweek2019 Starting program about our alcohol policy. We will also pay attention during the training to how group pressure can be prevented and the influence of the UNIweek2019 UNI-leader in this process.
This policy is further complemented by a social campaign that the UNIweek Den Haag organization and partners has been implementing, which is aimed at being responsible with alcohol consumption.
Regarding drugs, we also have a clear policy, in line with legislation and regulations. Drugs are prohibited at all times. This applies to both use and sale of the banned products.